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Your Team

Empire Business Services Has An Extensive Team Of Outstanding Professionals Who Work With Clients Across The Country.

To Expedite Any One Of Our Services, You Will Want To Start With One Of These Three Experienced And Credentialed Professionals...

David DiPerri, CPA, CBB

David DiPerri graduated Southern New Hampshire University with a BS in accounting and is a certified public accountant.

David serves on a non-profit board and is a former CFO with experience in business, consulting and finance that began in 1988.

David is the Senior Broker of the Empire New Hampshire region business brokerage office and a founding member of Empire Business Services.

Dean Porter, Esq.

Dean Porter is admitted to practice law in Ohio, New Jersey, US District Court and South Carolina.

Dean graduated Columbia University with a BA, MBA and graduated law school at Case Western Reserve University.

Dean has practiced business, Real Estate for more than 20 years. He has also served as deal development through nearly 40 years in lower and middle market merger and acquisitions throughout the US.

Dean is a founding member of Empire Business Services and heads the M&A development effort.

Steve Simmons


Steve Simmons has served on boards for some of the largest brokerage firms in the US. He has more than 30 years of successful business and business startup experience. Since 2002 Steve Simmons has completed hundreds of business deals and has obtained certifications that include:

Master Certified Machinery Equipment Appraiser, Master Equipment Certified Appraiser, Business Certified Appraiser, Inventory Certified Appraiser, Certified Equipment Appraiser and Certified Business Broker.

He is among the most qualified in the country regarding appraisal of both tangible and intangible business assets.