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“Before we agreed to list the business we consulted with numerous sources and were finally pleased to meet Mr. David DiPerri. David distinguished himself immediately by discussing frankly what we might hope to sell our business for and how he would go about selling it. He coherently explained the method by which he arrived at the sale price.

We choose to list our business with David as he was honest with us and did not promise us the world to acquire our listing. Through the entire process of listing and selling our business we also grew to understand that David is not a high pressure salesman merely trying to close another listing or sale. It was obvious early on that he respects the intelligence of his clients and buyers.

Because of the small size of our business and its eclectic nature, it remained on the market for longer than we had hoped to own it. It was not that the business was listed for longer than David had told us to expect it would take to sell. It had only been on the market for about six months. Personally we had just reached a point were we were ready to throw in the towel and liquidate.

On David’s advice we restructured the business, re-listed it at a different price and within a couple of months he found us a buyer. This was one of many pieces of sound business advice David gave us and it made the difference between flushing our efforts of 15 years and leaving the business under new ownership while we garnered far more than just our receivables.

Finally I can not recommend Mr. DiPerri highly enough. Even though our transaction was by no means worthy of any financial pages, not once did I feel that David was not giving us the same level of service that he would have given a Fortune 500 Company. Should I ever have the opportunity to sell another one of my businesses, David DiPerri will be the first person I contact.”  ~ John M.

We feel very fortunate to have had David DiPerri representing our business. Even though the circumstances surrounding this business offering were far from ideal, David showed great determination, flexibility and creativity to find an ideal buyer who currently owns a very synergistic business. There were several times during this protracted process that would have caused many brokers to have given up on the challenges. David did not. Not only did he forge through these rough stretches, he continued to present the business as a unique opportunity to the buyer and demonstrated increasable patience, understanding and determination. David has a very keen sense of people, how they think and more importantly the emotional challenges that buyers can go thru. lt was David’s calm and non-confrontational approach that got this buyer thru to a final agreement.

David’s financial background proved to be very helpful in presenting the opportunities this business offered. His thoroughness in preparing the prospectus as well as providing the appropriate level of follow-up data allowed each prospective buyer to get a quick impression of the business’s past, current and potential performance. I was very pleased with the way David presented this information in a very positive light without misrepresenting or exaggerating. I felt and I believe that the buyer felt very comfortable that what was being presented was accurate and provided full disclosure. David’s obvious integrity is one of the main factors that kept this deal moving forward to an ultimate success.

As his client, David has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. He made himself available whenever needed. He continually kept us informed and was very attentive to the buyer. His flexibility, professionalism and hard work were key to this successful acquisition. He worked very well with the other professionals on our team. Not only was I impressed with David, but so were my legal and financial advisors. I would have absolutely no reservations in highly recommending David. His professionalism, integrity, skills and work ethic are outstanding.”  ~  Larry D.

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